ACP JournalWise is a personalized literature updating service that enables you to easily customize your alerts.

Updated daily by clinician experts, ACP JournalWise saves you time and keeps you current with what’s important to you and your patients. You personalize your alerts by deciding which specialties and clinical topics you want to know about. You also choose the rating thresholds for the alerts you want, and how often ACP JournalWise delivers them to you.

  • Read alerts of articles that match your interests and link to abstracts
  • One-stop scanning of the tables of contents of journals you select
  • Save and share alerts
  • Browse “most-read” articles


First, please make sure that your ACP membership is current. The use of JournalWise requires ACP membership. Use your ACP username and password to log in.
Tick the "Remember Me" box when logging in under the Username and Password fields. With this feature enabled, you will be able to start a new browser session or click through an article title in an alert and be signed into ACP JournalWise automatically.

Also, ensure that you are not using private browsing.
To change any personal information such as your email address or password, please visit https://store.acponline.org/ebizatpro/MyAccount.aspx. Make any required changes in the editable fields and be sure to hit the Save button to update your ACP profile.
Click here to go to ACP's password recovery page and enter your e-mail address. Your username and password will be sent to you shortly.

Email Alerts

To receive email alerts, please go to your Alert Settings
  1. check that you have a check mark in the Enable alerts box
  2. check that you have selected at least one Discipline
  3. check that your email address is correct
  4. be sure to click Update at the bottom of the page.

Your email program may not have HTML enabled.

In Outlook, go to Tools / Options / Mail Format and ensure that HTML is chosen for Send in this message format.

In Outlook Express, go to Tools / Options / Read and under Read Messages ensure that the Read all messages in plain text option is NOT ticked.

Mobile Devices

ACP JournalWise is a web-based service, not a native app that can be installed on your PC or mobile device. However, you can add bookmarks or shortcuts to quickly access ACP JournalWise from your smartphone home screen.


Apple iOS


ACP JournalWise provides direct links to Annals and ACP Journal Club full-text and to any open access full text article.

For non-open access to full-text, you will need to use the PubMed link. Access to full content via PubMed will depend on the access rights to the content for that publication and may require a subscription or access via an institution. The latter is facilitated by selecting your institution in the My Profile section of Settings (look for the PubMed Outside Tool Institution section).

This is likely because you have a Popup Blocker. You can easily change your internet settings to stop the PubMed abstracts from being blocked.

(see below for instructions on pop-up blocker settings)

If you still are unable to access PubMed abstracts after turning off your pop-up blocker, please contact us.

Select your browser below for specific instructions on how to deactivate the pop-up blocker.




Internet Explorer

Safari (Mac)

Safari (PC)


The Folders feature in JournalWise enables you to store items from Alerts or a Search that can be read at a future date. Items in folders remain there until you move or delete them. Here are the instructions for adding articles to a folder from your Alerts: 1. on the Specialty or Topics Alerts page or from a Search result, Select the items you would like to save; 2. click on the green Add to folder icon (on the right above the star ratings); 3. choose an existing folder if you have already created one with an appropriate name ; 4. if you would like to make a new folder, use the New Folder option and give your folder a name. Then return to the Alerts or Search result page and click on "Add to folder" again (repeating this step is required only when adding a new folder) and choose the folder you just set up; 5. the selected items are now added to the folder. (NOTE: Items are not removed from your Alerts or Search page when added to a folder.) To view items in a folder, select "Folder" from the menu bar directly under the ACP JournalWise logo, and then select the folder you want to access. You can move an item from one folder to another folder, copy it to another folder, or delete it. You can also change the privacy level of a folder from Private (default setting) to Share (with colleagues you choose using "Invite"), or Public (all JournalWise users will be able to view the folder).